General Activation Analysis, Inc. routinely tests samples for outside customers using Neutron Activation Analysis. We have tested tens of thousands of samples for thousands of individuals, private companies, laboratories, etc. Over the years we have tested samples for about 70 of the 90 naturally occurring elements (before you send us a lot of mail, check out Tc and Pm) so we probably can (and have) tested your sample for the element(s) of your interest. However, some materials become very radioactive and our detection limits suffer.

Most customers are interested in only one element. Our price is $195 for the first sample and $85 for each additional sample. If more than one element is desired, the second (or third, etc.) element is $105 for the first sample and $85 for each additional sample. Delivery time varies, but is usually about 3 weeks after receipt of samples. Errors are from 3% to 5%.

If many elements are requested, or if a customer wants to determine everything possible, we have a multi-element survey for $495 per sample. This survey provides information on approximately 70 elements, depending upon the matrix. We normally find about 20 elements and provide detection limits for the remaining 50 or so elements. This test requires approximately 6 weeks and the error is approximately 20%. Examples of our multi-element survey on different materials are available upon request.

Although the testing is usually non-destructive (a sand sample is still sand when we are finished), the material is radioactive and cannot be returned. Do not send us coins for Silver content and expect to get them back.

Please call before sending samples to determine the suitability of the test. It is our policy to make the customer happy. If you are not satisfied with our service, for any reason, there is no charge.

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